How to Find the Best Preschool for Your Child

How to find the best preschool for my child? This is a question that many first time parents ask.  When looking for preschools visit a number of them so you have information to compare.


The first situation to notice is where are the teachers. Are they talking among themselves and watching the children from a distance? Or are they involved with children either in the classroom and on the yard? Teacher involvement is so important for children understanding concepts and developing attachments to adult figures other than parents.


If two children are struggling with a problem, how does the staff handle the situation? Do teachers take over and give them a time out? This would be a disservice to your child. Teachers who can help children to learn to work out the conflict with words offer children an invaluable lesson.


Pre-school learning has two major components. Social and Emotional which is getting along with other children and teachers and how to cope with difficult feelings when one has to follow the rules. Kindergarten in the last few years has become much more advanced. Children entering the first grade are expected to know basic social skills. Such as standing in a line, sitting in a circle, sharing and much more. Pre-school is just the place for this type of learning to occur. When finding a preschool for your child, it is crucial to make sure the staff is nurturing and helps children to learn how to be in a school environment.


In pre-children begin to learn skills that help them with academics that they will learn as they develop. It is important that the staff of the pre-school is knowledgeable about child development and activities that are appropriate for each child’s developmental level. Additionally, the pre-school environment and activities are bests when they stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity.  It is counterproductive to put children in an academic environment that is beyond their developmental level.  Stress and effects on self-esteem can be long-lasting. As always, it is important to know your child and find an environment that they can feel a good and successful review of Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Book  Review


How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child: The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Getting Into and Preparing for Nursery School is a wonderfully comprehensive guide for parents looking for the right preschool for their child. The book helps parents understand different types of preschools. Some which stress social and emotional development others that include academics and helps parents think about their child and what type of preschool is right for their child. The book helps parents with questions to ask to further find out about the school. This book guides parents through the application process and is helpful at every turn. Readers on Amazon gave the book 4.5 stars and reviews reflect how helpful the book was a guide step by step in finding and applying for the best preschool for their family.

Educational Toys for Preschool Children

These Magnetic Blocks are the Favorite Toy Children Use in my Psychotherapy Practice. Children concentrate and feel proud of their creations.

This truck is best for children up to 3 years of age. It is very colorful which can engage your child. The truck comes with three colorful balls. Children put the balls in the top of the truck. As you child drops the balls into the bucket the truck counts them. You child can pull the truck to the dumpsite and unload the rocks by using the hinge working on gross motor skills.



Educational, Engaging,  Helps children with gross motor skills


Not suitable for babies

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  • I live next to a fairly up class neighborhood and I see preschool advertisement from time to time when I drive through the area.

    The first thing that caught my attention is how they invite parents to join their kids on the first few days of classes to experience for themselves what early childhood education is like.

    Some even offer private assessment to evaluate a child’s learning ability so that they can meet the expectation of the parents. I thought this is a very professional approach.

  • Thanks so much. That sounds like an amazing pre-school. I may add the idea. Thanks for your help. Karen

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