Raising Children the Joys and Challenges

Raising children can be heartwarming and filled with joy. Unfortunately, it does not come without its challenges that may be unique to each parent and child.


Becoming a parent can be on of the most joyful part of a person life. The amazement of watching a new life develop is like no other experience. Each Developmental milestone becomes fun and exciting. The first time your baby laughs rolls over, is curious about objects, draw a parent’s attention which cannot be disturbed. Walking, Running playing can sometimes be stressful for parents. On the other hand, parents are able to feel the child within them come out and play. Watching through your child’s eyes, enjoy new experiences can be like experiencing the world for the first time. There is nothing greater than that.


The difficulties begin when children begin to develop a sense of autonomy. When a parent hears the child utter their first negative word NO! Then it is time to juggle building autonomy and setting limits. Other challenges can be neurodevelopmental. Some children exhibit learning or processing difficulties. Some children may be on the Autism Spectrum. When parents notice their child may not be developing typically seeking help is imperative. Begin with your pediatrician. The pediatrician can help you to decipher if your child is developing typically or if there may be areas of concern which need further evaluation.

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